Stamina management

  • Stamina management

    As many players regularly have problems with their stamina, here are a few tips on stamina management and how to get your player’s stamina under control:

    1. Replace Players

    In order to preserve the stamina of your players, you should build a squad of 5 to 7 players and frequently exchange them during your games. It is best to choose the suspension or the holiday feature for an exhausted player during his break so that he can regains his stamina.

    2. Suspend

    Suspension is a free way to help a player get into shape and regain his stamina. This means he is not going to train at this time and will instead regain some stamina.

    3. Holidays

    The holiday feature is the chargeable version of suspending a player to help the player enjoy some relaxation and regain his stamina. The holiday feature yields more stamina than suspending your player and a luxury holiday is then the most cost-intensive and at the same time best option for regaining stamina.

    4. Stamina Trainer

    The stamina trainer is the easiest way to regain a little bit of physical stamina at every turn. However, depending on the tactics, it could be that one trainer is not enough. To multiply the effect, you can utilise several stamina trainers at the same time.

    5. Tactics

    The tactics determine how much stamina a player consumes. Thus, the "extreme attack" tactics should not be selected if a player is suffering from a stamina deficiency. The most stamina-friendly tactics option is the "passive" tactics setting.

    6. Training

    It is also possible to save stamina by selecting the right training or rather using the "no training" setting. However, this is not recommended, since a "Suspension" via the "Recovery" tab is more efficient.

    7. Legwork Skill

    Legwork is the only skill that affects the stamina of your players. If a player that is lacking stamina receives a new skill, it may be worthwhile to award him with the legwork skill, as this will cause him to lose a little less physical stamina during each game.

    8. Using Youth Players

    Through the use of youth players through a youth release, one can also relieve the adult players on the team.

    During the season break, the players have time to recover and are credited with additional stamina.


    Stamina management basically is the most difficult element of the game and requires some experimentation and patience - especially at the beginning of the game! Do not despair - everyone goes through this at first! But anyone that takes this hurdle is a worthy manager!

    As soon as several stamina trainers can be adjusted, this is not as much of a problem anymore.