Friendly games

  • Why are friendlies important?

    1. A learning experience

    Through friendly games, the players gain experience. In return, the players lose some of their stamina. Therefore, you should select “passive” for your tactics and avoid playing with rackets.

    2. Advanced skills

    All of your players will advance in regards to their skills. A player can even gain 3 new skills (with an average of 3 friendly games a day).

    3. Financial gains

    Each friendly game yields money for both teams. Thus, the home and away team both receive a financial reward for a friendly game, wherein the home team gets more money.

    Depending on the hall size and the price, this can differ, of course.

    It is important to note that there is no money for youth friendly games!

    4. Communication

    Friendly games promote communication between the players, as it is important to find the right playmates to take advantage of the abovementioned advantages. You will play 2 friendlies in total, since the other player will also send his request.

    5. Better assessment of one’s play level

    Via friendly games, you can easily determine how strong the opponent or your own team really is. For example, a player from one of the lower leagues can challenge a computer team and, when he plays 5:5 when playing defense, he thus knows that he has to choose a more balanced tactics to win. It is important to note that the other team can adjusts their tactics as well. But this does not happen with computers.

    Only 4 and 5 are valid for fun challenges.

    For friendship games, 1-5 are valid.

    For youth friendly games, 1, 2, 4, and 5 are valid. At level 5, you can only see just how good the youth team of the respective team is.