Introduction of new members

  • Hello,

    please write a small introduction of yourself, hobbies, work, how old are you, where do you come from, etc. in this thread.

    Let me begin:

    My name is Wolfgang, I am 43 years old, from germany (bavaria) and I am the owner of the game Table Tennis Manager which I developed together with a programmer who is not active in this forum.

    I am a media designer, working for a print magazine and take care of this game in my spare time for several years now. The history of the game is long, about 8 years meanwhile, had many highs and lows but is starting in a new era with the translation in english ...

    So I am looking foward to meet many new english speaking players around in the forum and please take a while to introduce yourself!

  • Hello,

    I my name is Peter, I am 24 years old from Romania. My native language is Hungarian, but I speak three languages fluently. I also learnt German for about 8 years in school, I can understand quite a lot, but as I haven't used it at all, I forgot how to speak in German completely;(. I work as a programmer and I am a gamer at the same time (crazy combo).

    I am a great fan of playing table tennis but every now and then, I am also watching some European or World Championships. When I was younger I followed a World Championship and I was rooting for Timo Boll, ever since, he was one of my favorite sports figures and actually his post on Facebook got me to this game.

    I've played the game for about 2 weeks now and I am really fond if it. Looking to meet more managers as I am still new to the game, I am always looking for good advice and good fun. Also, still need at least three more managers to share friendly games with :love:. Looking forward for a long stay here.

    Nice to meet you all!;)

  • Hello Peter,

    if you are still looking for a friendly game partner, please let me know. Should be on mutual base.

    I am occupied tomorrow but can offer the next three days. At the moment my hall is small, but it will receive expansions step by step within next season.



  • It depends on your goals. If you want to go as high as possible in the standings as fast es possible you should try to build up three strong playres. For the first leaques to come there are some good enough players in den players pool.

    If you want to consolidate your money it is good policy to focus on the youth.