• Talent is not increasable and gives a small bonus on training effects.

  • I'm new to the game so I'll start asking questions, don't hesitate to give as much answers as possible since most tips are in the German section. I hope even more players start playing, especially outside Germany so we can communicate more. Or I'll just have to learn deutsch, been meaning to anyway :)

    My questions:

    1.) Players with higher Talent improve faster and have a greater chance to become top players than those with less? (If we pressume same age, training and match experience)..also some ingame examples would be helpful, for example development comparisons of players aged 16-24, different Talent ability (15 compared to 40), etc..

    2.) Youths - how often young players (aged 10-15) appear if we don't hire a youth scout? Ofc if they appear at all.

    3.) Youth scouts - how much they influence the scouting process? I mean surely they influence quite a lot, my questions is directed towards the different factors such as - how many possible talents can be found in a season, does higher scout ability mean he finds more players, more talented players, youngsters with higher "starting" ability, all above?...ingame examples would be helpful...

    Also, how good can youngsters be when the scout finds them?

    4.) Talent training - any tip possible about training skills, signing trainers, information about how much players improve during an average season, how extreme can they improve etc...

    Enough questions for now, feel free to help me any way you can.

  • 1.) Yes but do not overestimate this. I don´t think there exist examples yet.

    2.+3.) You need a youth scout to gain youth players. Without a scout there will be no young players. The ability of the youth scouts does not tell us anything about the quality of the youth players found, but only about the frequency with which youth players are found, or the probability of finding one. If you're lucky, you'll find teenage players in the pool sold by others.

    4.) You would have to ask one of the top managers, I don't know if they want to reveal all their secrets. Finding out these things is part of the game.

  • Thanx Wulfman. I figured it would be too easy if all the "Talents" fulfilled their potential and became better players than those with 15-20 Talent points less. I just started (day 2) and wanted some tips other than the basics, which are completely logical, so I can move in the right direction from the start. I'll figure things out quickly, no problems there :)

    2) So there aren't any jungs without the scout? Not even 1-2 per season? Ok, np, just wanted to know if I should watch in the pool for guys younger than 16 in order to form a team for the youth championship. I guess I'm also willing to loan a young player to make it happen in the new season, doesn't matter how good or bad...

    4) I decided to sell 3 default players and buy 2 players with high Talent from the pool in order to develop them. I'll see how that goes, didn't expect anyone would have +1 on forehand, topspin or any skill after just 1 day but it happened (Talent 40, no special training). Cool to see it can happen but I won't be too happy because there's a long way ahead.

    If someone is willing to share some tips privately (PM), feel free to do so. I guess it's logical not to share it publicly in order to keep the advantage as long as possible. Looking forward to find things out myself anyway but I guess it couldn't hurt to learn some things a bit easier. Thanx :)

  • On the transferlist, there is Ingelore Weidner, from Bad Fredeburg, one of the best teams in the game. This player has a Talent of 12. You can see that this is not ideal, but still enought to make a very very strong player. It is much more important to get ten-year-olds at the right moment than to have some with great talent at the wrong moment. There is a need to find a good age-structure for the team.

    2) Yes and no. You aren´t getting young players automaticly. But there are two ways to get some young players. One is th scout them, the other is to buy them from the players pool, then other managers fire them. This variation is at the start cheaper to get the fourth young player to be able to play friendly games, but if you want to have some ten-year-olds, you have to look quite often there, because there are many managers lloking for them.

    4) Talent 40 is the biggest talent in the game. This player will increase quicker as other players and while aging will lose less of his strengh as others in the same age.

  • Hi domac,

    I would recommend to take part on the next speedgame, if this is possible for you. It is Sundays (watch for the Invitations through message system) starting from 10am. 10 Seasons in 10 hours. Very interesting for some testing.

    It seems that you are doing some right things from the start...

  • crycorner : thanx, I signed up for it already, figured it can't hurt to do some research that way.

    Badminton : Yeah, seen on player auctions that lack of talent doesn't necessarily mean a bad player in the end. Different factors, like training, match experience, luck, contribute to the overall ability.

    I asked if it was possible to get youngsters without scout simply related to RL luck example when some kids walk in to a club, get signed up by their parents or something like that. Just to make sure if there is another way to get 1-2 per season randomly, except through the youth scout or the player pool.

    I'll watch out for youngsters in the player pool, haven't seen one younger than 16 so far. Too many predators out there :D