Player lending

  • Since I don't speak German well enough, I'd like to start the communication for others in the same situation.

    I'm looking for a player with 100+ ability and experience, extreme attack option not neccesary but enough stamina to play on attack setting occasionally...

    Contact both here and ingame, thanks in advance :)

    Languages both english and german are ok, google translate helps..

  • Thnx for the advice but...I often come across such players by accident when players make a deal between themselves but mistime the deal (sorry Clemz0r).

    Maybe someone got promoted and wants to play with youngsters this season or something like that. I know players like that aren't often available for loan but it happens.

    I wouldn't mind if the player has 80 average ability but 120+ experience, practically any combination av.ability + experience > 200

    If there's something to add to the conversation, please do it over the personal message to avoid further spamming of the topic, thanks :)

  • The issue is, that a previous Update came with a mayor change regarding special training of lended players. Since then you receive the special training progress of the league, the player actually plays in. This made the lending of really good players very unsexy for the Top Teams. They try to lend them to a Higher League or at least to the same League.

  • If someone wants to lend a player to the 3rd League next season, let me know. I don't have any specific requests, just age 16+ but the stronger the better.

    Even though it's not that attractive to loan an adult to 3rd League, maybe some specific requests can be fulfilled.

    40-45 friendlies, cup and championship play + league games of course. Possibly on positions 1 and 2 if the player is good enough.

    Anyway, I'm open for suggestions, negotiations so feel free to contact me.

  • 2 possible offers

    1) Ivan Scuric - loan to Bundesliga if there is interest - someone too strong for National League in exchange (possibly old, experience player)

    2) Youth player, about 70 average ability, enough stamina - looking for Bundesliga team for loan, possibly 2nd league.

    National or Regional can also be considered in case he plays (some) league games..