Transfer auctions

  • I'm opening the transfer auction thread in english for international managers. I hope there are more managers willing to connect and communicate in english..

    As a start, I have a 17 year old player with 70+ ability, experience and stamina, 4 skills, talent 22... I'll put her for sale in a couple of days, after the sponsorship money kicks in...

    I'm open for negotiations through personal messages both ingame and on forum...

  • Sara Spoljar for sale.

    There is potential to make a pretty decent player in the future. Right now suitable for District Divison 1 and lower but, with proper care, possibly a nice player even for the 2nd League. I would develop her myself but I made a mistake in planning and already have 4 players to raise for the future.

    Asking price is much lower than investments into special training and that hurts me the most. 11750 is definitely a bargain price.

  • Tired of translating to deutsch so I'll just write my comments here in english.

    Didn't mean to insult anyone or something like that...Maybe I am a little bitter because of low selling price of Javor, even though I know why he is a somewhat deficient player (for Bundesliga teams)...Honestly, I expected a price between 57 and 62 k at most...Good job for Sebert :thumbup:

    My other comments were about "players who will never learn" and I stand by it...Even after so many seasons, some guys still make the same mistakes while buying players..No real plan or strategy..I guess the game needs many different players, even guys like that but that makes it a little less competitive than it could be..

    I just can't understand how someone is willing to pay 60-70k or more for a developing player that is already doomed at the age of 16-19..Even after seasons and seasons of careful development, with quite high costs, there isn't a guarantee that you'll get a real Bundesliga player, I'd say quite the opposite, there is a quarantee that most players won't be good enough because some mistakes (or was it intentional) were made in the development before that (main reason of the sale)..

    I could understand if there was a strategy of team reconstruction with some young guns coming out of your own "incubator" so you buy someone in between to get a better age ratio of the team, more balance for the future but usually it's not the reason.

    Are some managers still experimenting or just lack a deeper understanding of the game, I don't know, but I see too many "mistake buys" while there are better options on the market..

    But like I said earlier too, we're all free to do as we please so all of this is just my "two cents", my opinion that is not important..

    I wish you all the best, to enjoy the game as much as I do..

  • That's too bad you don't want to write in German anymore.

    Since my English is too bad I let it also times better translate from deepl.

    You're right about the transfer market, but there are always different points of view. Does a player always have to become a 1st league player? Some managers might only want to have a player for the next 15 seasons who can keep them in league 2-3 or so and with such players the possible mistakes in training don't matter.

    Baumer can become a player who plays well in the upper leagues and can also play balanced in the 1st league, if it fits into the concept the 70.000k are not so much. Alone his special training has already cost about 50.000k.

    But you will never understand the transfer market, it is always a matter of supply and demand.

    Translated with

  • I guess I disagree with both of you, based on my own experience with such players...Doesn't matter anyway, Habula's problem now :D

    On the other hand, with such strategy I doubt he'll ever stay in 2nd League for 2-3 seasons in a row...

  • It's been a while and the level was much worse, but I've already become champion with players who were much worse at the age of Baumer. You see the player a bit too critical.

    You pay into the future, your player would be an investment into the present, which are completely different tactics.

  • If you want, we can revisit this topic in 4-8 seasons ;)

    Not a bad player, just don't believe he's worth it...If some things were a little different then definitely...Like you said, times have changed a little, the competition is deeper..

  • off topic:

    I think it would be beneficial for the game if there were more “english activities“ in the forum.

    In the german section there are daily new posts. But the other sections seem to be void of people. I wouldnt post there anything if I see that there are no other managers active.

  • Yes, we have gained many new english-speaking players in the last days, it could be that some will appear soon in the forum

  • It's definitely easier for me to write and make a point in english. I hope even German managers visit these threads, like I visit the deutsch section...

    But it wasn't that fun because I was the only one...I'll try from now on and maybe more managers will come...

    on topic - congrats to Sebert once again, good job. :thumbup:

  • In my opinion, still a better prospect than Baumer, if all the right moves are made...But doesn't matter, I have no problem with that sale...

    I decided to completely change the strategy of my second team so Cesar is not that needed anymore. Even though I won't reduce the price because I don't need to sell him at any cost.

    Maybe he doesn't look as attractive, but he wasn't raised improperly to look better than he is..I've had players worse than Cesar that became pretty good 2nd league players...So I agree, the price not high enough and I'm not making any profit on him...

  • I'm not sure if you're joking or what...30 experience in 2 years?

    Average experience growth per season is about +-15, considering there is a 2 year difference, they are almost the same..Ability wise Cesar would be worse but I personally favour a different ability distribution so I don't think having 5 ability more is necessarily a better thing..

    I don't want to continue the discussion any further because I don't want to reveal too much information..Managers with strong analitical skills figure those things out themselves over time and I'm sorry for those who don't..

    Edit: just to point out - all coments above and on the deutsch topic are my opinion, not the ultimate truth and I might be wrong.

    I'd like to put everything to rest because there is no need to make a big thing out of it.


  • Young and solid stamina trainer at the auction - think long term and buy, solve your problems ;)

    Utto Burkett

    19 Years
    Stamina trainer11811.800€118€
    23 Hrs, 58 Mins, 57 SecsStart price (Bids: 0):13.250 €
  • There has been a little change of plans so Damir Međeral is the first for sale among the players.

    Should be a pretty good player, ideal for aspiring players or those in need for a 3rd or 4th player in their Bundesliga teams. Great talent, solid motivation, stamina and overall ability, maybe lacks a little experience for the ideal scenario but overall pretty good.