Thread for not (yet) Premier League Managers

  • I copy that great idea from Spendlove to have a thread for interantional managers below premier league. In the German section this thread is full of thrilling and funny stories, valuable tipps and insights in potential strategies. I hope this thread will fill up similarly.

    So I start with my main club: SSV Jahn Regensburg playing 2. League North. I began in season 80 and after the first steps without a real strategy I focused on developing young adults with the help of trainers. I took up regular friendly matches around season 86/87. Until then I was always surprised when teams with lower ability squashed my boys.

    Also, I built good relationships to other managers in this game (great guys :)) through friendly matches and cooperation at player lending. For me that brought even more fun to the game.

    Meanwhile I am scouting and developing the youths myself and I am waiting for my first completely self-scouted and developed guys (Francesco Fraioli and Johann Linde) to join the adult team. That is absolutely necessary, since my top players are about to reach the peak of their performance and I need fresh players to achieve my goal which is to promote to the premier league. I missed this goal this season which was a big disappointment. But other managers develop strong teams as well and competition is fierce. :thumbup:

    My strategy is to stay in the 2. League for the time being to benefit from the efficient special training and get the guys ready for Premier League.

    I am looking forward to reading more stories from other managers. :) Naturally, German speaking managers are more than welcome here as well to share their experiences. ;)

  • Thanks Sebert for taking the lead...:thumbup: I'll start my own story, pretty short story but..

    My main team was supposed to be STK Stolnopenisaci but I wanted to have a good start to the game so badly that I made so many mistakes in my first 2 days:D, I guess that happens a lot. Tried to get as much information as possible from the forum but my deutsch is pretty bad and I didn't really know anybody that played to give me some real tips. So I decided to set up another team to start over (Stolnopenisaci) and use team STK Stolnopenisaci as a tester for different strategies.

    Anyway, I figured talent is pretty important so I bought some 16 year old players from the pool to develop them for my teams. Unfortunately, I didn't know how much new managers can learn from Speedgame so it took a couple of weeks before I played it for the first time.

    Meanwhile, learned a lot through speedgames, also met some great managers like Spendlove , Sebert and others who have helped me through advice and player loans and everything was just set in motion..

    Decided pretty early to develop players for the future, setting up a long term strategy which would/will bring me up to the 2nd League so I can use that position to develop better players and maybe get into the Bundesliga some day. Since I'm currently in my 9th season, there are just some obstacles I cannot jump over (finance, staff number, etc.) so I make some mistakes but I've got enough patience to see things through. Every couple of days I rethink the current strategy and think whether I should somehow shorten the process and try to attack the 2nd League earlier.

    I'll be more specific next time, when my strategy comes under a bigger test:)

  • Shame there aren't any international players willing to share their stories, let's try to bring some of them to forum.

    Anyway, it's been a while since my first/last post here. Lots of things changed, strategies, knowledge of the game in general. Now I'm a little sad because I wasn't smarter in the beginning, earned a little more money but I guess those wrong moves in the beginning helped me learn some things the hard way.

    1st team - Stolnopenisaci

    I finally decided to play a little, gather a team to compete and see what happens. Currently in my 23rd season, not getting up there as fast as possible but that was my decision a couple of months ago. Currently in 2nd Bundesliga, collecting experience, evaluating progress and planning out further moves for the incoming seasons. Somewhat happy to see my guys developing although I realized some mistakes over seasons which I'll have in mind for the next generations.

    Don't want to go into details but current situation shows Stolnopenisaci have 3 young adults ready to play more seriously but are currently hold out by an old fashioned coach...He wants them to be patient, train hard and be ready when the time comes. ;(

    From time to time, the club owner wants to sell everything and abandon the current plan but not happening at the moment (maybe he doesn't want to piss off the legendary coach:D:D).. In a couple of seasons we'll see if I made the right choice.8)

    2nd team - STK Stolnopenisaci

    My second team is used mostly for experimentation and collecting information. There are seasons when I just play on "autopilot", clicking special trainings, challenges and collecting sponsorship money, and that cost me a lot actually. That's why that team fell behind in every possible way. That might change in the future as I'll reevalute the situation at the end of the season. At the moment, I am leaning towards making some radical moves and do what I should have done 6-7 months ago.

  • Man, this was such a weird season for me...Started with completely different strategy with avoiding relegation to National league as my main goal..

    But somewhere along the way a small window opened and I decided to jump through and go for Bundesliga...A little more expensive but I guess it's worth it in the long run...But with so many mistakes on my end, some unlucky losses and draws made me really nervous these last few days because what appeared to be an easy task became a tough one, with Clemz0r in the driving seat really..

    Not sure if I should thank HerrWitler or Clemz0r for the draw but it was really lucky for me considering the fact that Wedemark bought 2 really strong players who could make the last game really difficult with a possible 5-5 result...

    Anyway, didn't have too much luck earlier but the goddess of fortune struck at the right time...Hope I won't screw this one up :D

  • But for outsiders it's really exiting to see that the decision about promotion is made at the last matchday. ;)

    I'm still not playing seriously at the moment due to lack of time. But some time ago I've recognized a record I can go for. So that's my secret target for now. But I guess you will soon notice it.

  • The beauty of this game is that you can do 95% of the necessary things in about 5-10 minutes per day...Later in the game, it takes a little more time to think things through if you want to make the best possible decision, which could determine your path for the next 5-10 seasons..

    My advice is to take things a little easier in the beginning until you notice important things and patterns and avoid doing too much..Enjoy the game and feel free to ask for help..

  • Bad days for me. Last season I screwed up, missed promotion to Bundesliga by 1 game, even though I should have been at least 2nd with more points.

    This season I decided to risk less, clear wins but less experience and skill points gain. Funny thing is that this time I will miss the promotion on points but the way it happens is funny.

    Home loss to 4711 Allstars with a 5th set game loss - although maybe I would have lost the first round game in normal circumstances. Rigobert Song surprised me with a win against Scuric. Either he had a 130 rackets or a player revaluation, not sure if he's that strong to win away against Scuric with a 100 racket.

    Anyway, that wouldn't even matter because the main event was away game against Witlers where I again lost a 5 set match that would make it a 5:5 game and that way I would be on 2nd place, and Witler on 3rd with a 1 point difference.

    These things happen, maybe it's bad karma for some of my moves in the earlier seasons. This way I will sell my whole team on the auction because I invested a lot and playing so many seasons outside Bundesliga really limited the future of the team. Maybe I am wrong but I guess I will never find out because the decision was made.