Stand of the Table Tennis Manager

  • Stand of the Table Tennis Manager

    Today I want to give you once again a little insight behind the scenes of the game:

    The table tennis manager is after about 10 years of development and the meanwhile 7 years running server 1 still a very active game and there is always something new going on.

    The Chinese market is difficult

    Unfortunately, the Chinese "expansion" is not going as I would have wished. To overcome the Great Firewall we set up the proxy to China and registered a domain there where the game runs in China: https://www.乒乓球经理.cn

    All this is cost-intensive as well as time-consuming (proxy, translator and installation of the Chinese means of payment WeChatpay and Alipay). In the meantime, the technology is up and running and marketing should follow, but there I again encounter big hurdles. China is sealing itself off at all levels, so I can't just penetrate the social media as easily as I can here. There almost everything runs on smartphones and to register in the social media you need a Chinese mobile phone number. My translator and other attempts to get Chinese people enthusiastic about the table tennis manager have failed so far, so my possibilities to advertise there for free are very limited, just because of the language. To address manufacturers, etc. might be even more difficult, like here with us, therefore I grant it little chances. If the money remains, however, I would have to dig deep into my pocket.

    There are agencies that mediate Chinese influencers/COL (the influenza market in China is apparently much bigger than in the West), but the prices are enormous. The same applies to advertising in Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine. Below 2.000,- Dollar you don't get an account at all. I continue to try to get Chinese via acquaintances, ads, etc. who could help me with marketing in China, so if you have someone in your circle of acquaintances who could help me here, please let me know!

    mediasports/DAZN marketing contract cancelled

    Our marketer mediasports, who is responsible for the display advertising/video advertising, has terminated the contract with me as of 31.12.. The company was taken over by DAZN and they don't want to do third party marketing anymore. This is very annoying, because we spent a lot of time and effort at the beginning of this year to integrate the videos correctly. This went on for several weeks and the programmer doesn't work for nothing. The bottom line is that I just paid for the installation with the videos and now I have to find a new marketer, i.e. the work and stress with the video installation will start again at the beginning of next year. :(

    Many new registrations

    But there are also positive things to report:

    After the summer slump we have a lot of new registrations, unfortunately only a few who stay with us, but by trying it out I was able to reduce the costs for advertising on Google so much that I can now run it permanently. We had partially 100 new registrations per day!!! If only 1% of them remain, I would be very satisfied.

    You have surely seen that the numbers on the servers have increased in the last month because of this and therefore I have reduced the time span after the inactive accounts are deleted from 42 days to 30 days. Most of them we lose in the first days, so I can't imagine that there is anyone who is still inactive after 14 days. The 30 days should be enough by far. The advantage now is that inactive accounts, especially in the lower leagues, are deleted earlier and therefore less annoying. In addition, the server numbers are now 30-day current.

    Since a poll here in the forum showed that a few of you found your way here by searching in a search engine, I will now write a few texts to index for the search engines and hope to be able to win some new players in the other languages as well.

    That should have been it first of me, if there is a need for discussion, just open a new topic.