Prices for premium accounts rise

  • Hello,

    the prices for premium accounts were fixed at the start of the game and have not changed since. However, the game has evolved a lot and the cost of maintenance has also increased. Therefore we increase the prices for premium accounts on Monday the 2nd of December 2019 by one Euro per month. If you buy for a longer period of time you will get discounts again.

    Here are the new prices from 2 December 2019

    1 month -> 4,99 € (formerly 3,99 €)

    3 Month -> 13,99 € (formerly 10,99 €)

    6 Month -> 25,99 € (formerly 19,99 €)

    12 month -> 45,99 € (formerly 35,99 €)

    Now you still have the possibility to stock up with the old prices. The newly purchased premium times will be added at the end.

    Furthermore, thanks to MagicMatze we have solved a bug at the personnel auctions today. There it was so that with multiple own bids on a personnel as highest bidder the available personnel slots were blocked by the number of own bids. Actually, a highest bid on a personnel should only block one slot, until now it was theoretically possible up to the maximum, depending on the number of own bids on a personnel. The problem was solved quickly today.

    I hope you find the new prices justified for the offered gaming pleasure and that it doesn't cloud your fun while playing!