Speedgame tips

  • Hi all

    I am about to play my first ever speedgames on server 1 and 2 and was hoping someone might have some tips.

    On Server 1 my aim is to experience life in the 2 Divison either North or South and to ultimately finish in the 3rd tier Divison as the least.

    On Sever 2 my aim is to experience life in the Premier League and to ultimately finish in the 2 Division league 2 North or South.



  • Since it's your first speedgame, I would propose you try some things out and not necessarily think about the end result.

    Take a 16.000 EUR loan, sell 4 out of 5 starting adults (leave the 19 year old) and buy 2 players with 16 years old with talent 40 (or possibly one with 30-35 but same ability). Play a little with different combinations - with or without special training, attack vs defense and compare progress and results of those combinations. Good idea if you would make an excel file that would also calculate the progress..

    That will help you understand some of the basic things in player development and you will be able to plan your next 4-5 seasons. Of course, you will adjust your strategy as time goes by since you will also learn new things.

  • Hello all just finished my first Speedgames today. And finshed in the Premier League in both Server 1 and Server 2.

    TTC AFC Wimbledon spend two season in the Premier League and finished 10th.

    While Crazy_United spend five seasons in the Premier League and finished 6th.

    Also I just wanted to thank domac for all the help he has given me so far.