Table Tennis Manager Journal

  • Good afternoon everyone again.

    I bring here a new part of making this a little more interesting.

    Table Tennis Manager Newspaper the newspaper of our game, to all teams that have a page on facebook or elsewhere and want something from their son-in-law, I can do it. just contact me.

    Here I leave you the first edition:

    interview the Falcons TTC team.

    Thank you

  • Good afternoon everyone.

    Today I bring the edition of the day 28-05-2020

    Table Tennis Manager Newspaper the newspaper of our game today the funny aspects of our newspaper. Monteiro Joao got in trouble with one of the fans of the opposing team, see what he commented on that subject.

    Here I leave you the 2nd edition:

    Anyone who wants me to do something about their team contact me.

    You can see the newspaper here:

    Thank you


  • Well done on the table tennis newspaper. but with 2 players 21 years old and older in such a new team you may struggle in your ambitions. Also I tried playing a friendly match against you the other day and it seemed to suggest that you had not got your team lined up for friendly matches. If you are not playing any friendly matches you may struggle next season in District Division 3.

  • Hi All

    My name is Hugo Sousa as some already know here and representative of Falcons TTC.

    Today I bring an idea to discuss here with the community members about a tournament that Falcons TTC want to create as a Falcons TTC tournament. This Tournament took me 2 months to prepare and study all the possible ways to be able to organize in the best way, of course it is also necessary for the community to want to participate. I know that there may be teams from the first division against teams from the amateur league playing against each other, but that would not be the problem because everything has a form of selection.

    I'll leave something below that can be seen from the idea.


    Tournament Format:

    (1) 1 group of at least 4 teams to hold the tournament.

    (2) maximum of 4 groups of 4 teams.

    (3) Games all in Fun Challenge.

    (4) One-handed games.

    (5) Passes the first 2 to the next stage and the last two to a losing team stage.

    (6) Teams that are in "home" format make the invitation.

    (7) There will be an Internal Ranking of Falcons TTC Tournaments.

    Comment here who could have been interested in something so competitive in a more fun way and some of your ideas that we can discuss.

    This is just an example: