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  • Good Morning People from the world of table tennis

    Today I bring in the condition of my project a new aspect of it.

    Youtube Channel:

    In this phase I will start #Episode 1 (The beginning of everything)

    This is our Serie (The beginning of everything) Being #Episode 1 serie will take about 18 days. Where every day I will post a vidio of the respective day.

    I hope you like it and leave that like to support the channel

    Falcons TTC is a team of virtual table tennis from the game Table Tennis Manager, this is our channel where we will show our games that we make for the league.

    We are currently in the league: League: 14. Amateur League 1 of the season: 137. Season.

    We aim to climb the leagues until we get to the top of the game, it will take a few months but we believe we did it.

    In the future I want to do some tutorials on how I brought the half team to glory.

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    Thank you all.:thumbup:

  • Hello everyone good night!

    My project in the game continues, I believe my team has everything it takes to win League: 7. District Division 3.

    There were some changes in the team with the entry of two players on loan, where we also loaned two players to the team (SV Sala 2) that plays in 2. League South: MONTEIRO Joao

    GARDOS Robert

    it is with great pride that we see two of our players playing at such a high level

    I hope you guys give me this support.

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  • TTC Falcons The district 2 division will play 1 game to end season 138 and our team has 17 victories with which everything suggests that the TTC falcons win the championship without defeats.

    2 seasons very well worked by this direction and in technical command our Coach Hugo Sousa leading our team to win two championships in a row.

    We hope for another match tomorrow and good luck for those who have difficult games.

    A hug


  • TTC Falcons, once again champions. We went up to 4. District Division 2, we continue our journey with young players with little experience. We haven't managed to grow the squad yet, we used some borrowed players to help achieve the desired results.

    This season will be more difficult because we know that over the years and as we are a new team we still don't have the things we want for our formation well defined. But we have two coaches and a Stamina coach. Next season two is to earn money to buy a scout and expand the hall.

    Some better days for this team?

    We will fight hard to reach the climb in the next two seasons knowing that it will be very difficult.

    Our player on loan Rafa Mendoza managed to help the team achieve our goals and also at the individual level won a 3 place in the

    Championship (Singles) Position 3.

    TTC Falcons wish the best of luck for their new season with their team and we look forward to seeing them in the future.

    best regards

    Good Season to All