Too many new international players leaving the game

  • This is a great game. However as I see it there are too many new managers leaving the game. I'm only a couple of seasons in but on server 1 out of 80 International teams that started with me only 51 reamin that 63% and on server 2 it is a lot worse 22 International teams started and only 5 remain thats only 22% left.

    Why are all these managers leaving the game. Maybe the game has too steep a learning curve at the beginning. Maybe new players don;t like losing to computer teams. Maybe there is not enough help for new players I admit there are a couple of excellent managers helping new managers but is it enough.

    Wulfman is a great guy is a great guy but does he look out for the PRemier League managers too much at the expense of the beginners the raw beginners rarely have a voice.

    Take the "Is there to much money in the game" topic on the German forum. The only reason for storing money in the middle or lower league as I can think of is that 1 day they will spend all their cash at once in order to have a shot at the big leagues. By stopping middle teams from storging money their hope of becoming a Premier League manager will fade and in time they will stop playing the game.

    Computer games are measured by how many players are playing the game. More thought needs to be put into how to retan new players. Maybe they could be rewarded for staying in the game for a month. Maybe more experience players could be rewarded if they mentor a beginner. Maybe some of the lower computer teams could be made weaker(especially on server 2).

  • The things is, this game is really not for everyone because it is a little slow and requires a lot of patience, especially at the beginning.

    It allows you to progress through the first couples of seasons easily (also especially if you learn the game by scouting players at auctions and regularly play speedgames to try out, use loaners etc.), but after a while you hit the wall (Regional league) because there are no more computer players and most teams have been there for a long time.

    But even if you are better than most managers (learn more about the game) after those 5-10 seasons, you will still hit a wall after 15-25 seasons because of staff slots limitations. There were some discussions about that earlier but it's not a popular topic for those who have played from the beginning and got a head start when the game was different.

    Doesn't matter anyway, the thing is most managers do not learn the game properly and get frustrated.

    It doesn't help when you calculate how long it takes in real life days/years (20 seasons * 20 days per season for example).

    My advice is to write things down, learn the game through speedgames as much as possible and use that in the real game. If you have patience, good things will come.

  • I admit that no computer game is for everyone.

    However now out of the 80 International teams that started with me on Server 1 only 5 remain and out of the 22 International teams that started with me on Server 2 only 1 remains. Therefore Server 1 is only retaining 6.25% of players and Server 2 only 4.5% of players.

    Other computer games can have hours of information on youtube yet currently TTM has only a 29 second trailer, a 3 minute help guide and one video by beginner team falcons. If I was capable of doing some youtube videos on the game to help new players then I would.

    Therefore if you are a new international team just starting out feel free to message me and I'll try and help you out. Although I'm only in 3rd season I calculate that I am already a top 20 International manager (ie. non- German flag manager) on Server 1 and top 5 International Manager on Server 2.

    Like Domac says you need to be patient when playing TTM as 38% of the 80 new managers on Server 1 were relegated in their first season. Being relegated in your 1st season is no bad thing as it gives you a chance to build up your money and sort out your team for the journey ahead. Only 12% got promoted in their first season and all the teams that won promotion in their 1st season were relegated in their 2nd season.

    Like I said in the original post more thought needs to be put into how to retain new players. Do the computer teams in the 7th Division (District Division 3) really have to be so strong. When they are up against real players who have no or little idea of how to play the game. If it was not for Domac I would not be in District Division 2 with my team TTC AFC Wimbledon.

  • You also have to keep in mind that your 1st season also depends heavily on your registration date.

    If you register in the 2nd half of the season, you don't have that much of a choice and can barely influence the standings. Anyway, I don't see it as a bad thing because I was also relegated my first season but got the chance to learn more and build up the bank account.

    That's why I then had 6 winning seasons in a row during which I made some mistakes but also learned so much. Could have been better but it seems okay to me because I managed to be in 2nd league in my 14th season and got to Bundesliga in my 26th. Not great, not terrible ^^

    Just be patient, try out different things in your first seasons, try not to spend too much money because you'll need it more later, and definitely do not buy rackets because they are not needed until you get to top 3 leagues. My best advice for learning is to spend some time on speedgames (also adds a small premium to your Real game account)

    I'm always open for advice both here and ingame.

    Stay in the game and you'll realise it only gets better later.

  • The problem is simply that the game does not reflect the spirit of the times. Young people have no more patience and want to be entertained quickly and perfectly. It is difficult and time-consuming to implement this in a browser game.

    The bounce rate of new players is 99.9%. And this not only for foreign players, but also for German players. It's just not that noticeable, because new players register every day.

    Nevertheless, there are still a few less "old school" players who are getting used to the game and I am especially happy about these players and indeed we have become more in the last months.