Intermediate result: More active players

  • Intermediate result: More active players


    since I stumbled across it today by accident, I wanted to mention it again explicitly: We have more active members in the forum than ever before.

    See screenshot:

    Make no mistake, 17 simultaneously active members in the forum is a lot nowadays. The number of long-term active players in the game itself is likely to remain at around 500.

    The same can also be said about the game itself, although there are certainly several factors that play a role here, e.g.

    - Corona Pandemic

    - New update

    In spring I had spent a little more money on advertising and that probably also led to some new active members. In the meantime, I have reduced this investment, because I have finally found a service provider for the marketing of the app in China, but it is expensive and I currently have to save Google advertising. Here it will soon become clear whether or not it was a wasted effort and cost.

    As a result, the absolute number of players is currently falling again and with the relaxation of the corona restrictions and the coming summer slump, these numbers will continue to fall. However, this does not worry me when I see how active there is discussion here in the forum. The access numbers are a bit lower compared to the previous year, but last year I had spent much more money on advertising during this period. I even think that the number of "regulars" has increased, although it is always difficult to determine who exactly counts as a regular.

    Marketing in China is probably the last costly experiment I'll dare, i.e. even if this should go completely wrong, I'll have more capital left over next year to put it into the proven advertising. I can't promise if I will ever get Server 2 full, but I still have the hope that I will make it sometime. Here also not all options are exhausted, e.g. further translations.

    The last major update was well received and caused relatively little trouble. Updates are for me always connected with a nervous tension, because many things can go wrong and a breakdown of the game over several days (something we fortunately never had before) is never impossible and would be very bad for me (and probably for you ;)).

    Well, actually I just wanted to tell you that I'm looking positively into the future of the table tennis manager and wish you all the best and a relaxing summer!

    Your Wulfman