Server maintenance tomorrow Tuesday 6.10. approx. 10 am CET

  • Server maintenance tomorrow Tuesday 6.10. approx. 10 am CET


    we analyzed the miscalculations at the last season break on server 1 and it turned out that it was caused by a time-out because the calculation took too long. The reason for this is probably the increasing number of records in the Table Tennis Manager database.

    We searched the database and found out that we already have about 138.000.000 entries in the database for the player history alone. For the teams there are "only" about 750.000 entries.

    That's why we decided to delete the data of all players who have already retired tomorrow morning to clean up a little bit. This process is likely to affect over 100 million records and the server will be down for several minutes, maybe even over an hour during this time (from about 10 am CET), it's hard to say exactly.

    This means that all the data of the players who have already retired will be gone afterwards. So for example his talent, experience, fans, skills, etc. This should not have a big influence on the current statistics and the achieved awards in the club information will be kept, because they have their own entry in the db.

    As a second measure, we have also increased the time out when calculating the season break. Thus we hope that there will be no more double calculations for the season change in the future.