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    Ich suche einen Jugendspieler für die 3. Bezirksdivision.

    Er würde mindestens 20 Ligaspiele, Freundschaftsspiele und alle Jugend Cups und Meisterschaften spielen ... Kondition, Fähigkeit 40-45 +

    PM ich ingame Domac101 - Team Sesvete Culinec, oder hier im Forum ..

    Sara Spoljar for sale.

    There is potential to make a pretty decent player in the future. Right now suitable for District Divison 1 and lower but, with proper care, possibly a nice player even for the 2nd League. I would develop her myself but I made a mistake in planning and already have 4 players to raise for the future.

    Asking price is much lower than investments into special training and that hurts me the most. 11750 is definitely a bargain price.

    Thanks Sebert for taking the lead...:thumbup: I'll start my own story, pretty short story but..

    My main team was supposed to be STK Stolnopenisaci but I wanted to have a good start to the game so badly that I made so many mistakes in my first 2 days:D, I guess that happens a lot. Tried to get as much information as possible from the forum but my deutsch is pretty bad and I didn't really know anybody that played to give me some real tips. So I decided to set up another team to start over (Stolnopenisaci) and use team STK Stolnopenisaci as a tester for different strategies.

    Anyway, I figured talent is pretty important so I bought some 16 year old players from the pool to develop them for my teams. Unfortunately, I didn't know how much new managers can learn from Speedgame so it took a couple of weeks before I played it for the first time.

    Meanwhile, learned a lot through speedgames, also met some great managers like Spendlove , Sebert and others who have helped me through advice and player loans and everything was just set in motion..

    Decided pretty early to develop players for the future, setting up a long term strategy which would/will bring me up to the 2nd League so I can use that position to develop better players and maybe get into the Bundesliga some day. Since I'm currently in my 9th season, there are just some obstacles I cannot jump over (finance, staff number, etc.) so I make some mistakes but I've got enough patience to see things through. Every couple of days I rethink the current strategy and think whether I should somehow shorten the process and try to attack the 2nd League earlier.

    I'll be more specific next time, when my strategy comes under a bigger test:)

    I'm opening the transfer auction thread in english for international managers. I hope there are more managers willing to connect and communicate in english..

    As a start, I have a 17 year old player with 70+ ability, experience and stamina, 4 skills, talent 22... I'll put her for sale in a couple of days, after the sponsorship money kicks in...

    I'm open for negotiations through personal messages both ingame and on forum...


    Ganadriel is talking about Server 2... :)

    I'm actually thinking about opening such thread for Server 1 so international players/managers can offer their players freely..Even though there hasn't been much between us "foreigners".

    Erfahrener Spieler zum Verkauf

    Perfekte 16: 0 Punkte in Einzelspielen, Regional Liga (Einstellungen nie bei Angriff)

    Keine Rentenankündigungen

    Gut genug für die Regionalliga, sogar National mit 34 Jahren.

    Sichere Wahl für den letzten Schub für Aufstieg oder Vermeidung von Abstieg.

    Tian Yuan, 18 skills, Preis 17000 €

    Thnx for the advice but...I often come across such players by accident when players make a deal between themselves but mistime the deal (sorry Clemz0r).

    Maybe someone got promoted and wants to play with youngsters this season or something like that. I know players like that aren't often available for loan but it happens.

    I wouldn't mind if the player has 80 average ability but 120+ experience, practically any combination av.ability + experience > 200

    If there's something to add to the conversation, please do it over the personal message to avoid further spamming of the topic, thanks :)

    Since I don't speak German well enough, I'd like to start the communication for others in the same situation.

    I'm looking for a player with 100+ ability and experience, extreme attack option not neccesary but enough stamina to play on attack setting occasionally...

    Contact both here and ingame, thanks in advance :)

    Languages both english and german are ok, google translate helps..

    Question about special training and training camp. I've read the pros and cons about each type of training but I haven't found all the answers.

    Do they depend on the staff/coaches in the club, competition level/league or something else? Meaning, are they more efficient if there are more coaches with higher abilities or it doesn't affect special training or camp?

    crycorner : thanx, I signed up for it already, figured it can't hurt to do some research that way.

    Badminton : Yeah, seen on player auctions that lack of talent doesn't necessarily mean a bad player in the end. Different factors, like training, match experience, luck, contribute to the overall ability.

    I asked if it was possible to get youngsters without scout simply related to RL luck example when some kids walk in to a club, get signed up by their parents or something like that. Just to make sure if there is another way to get 1-2 per season randomly, except through the youth scout or the player pool.

    I'll watch out for youngsters in the player pool, haven't seen one younger than 16 so far. Too many predators out there :D

    Thanx Wulfman. I figured it would be too easy if all the "Talents" fulfilled their potential and became better players than those with 15-20 Talent points less. I just started (day 2) and wanted some tips other than the basics, which are completely logical, so I can move in the right direction from the start. I'll figure things out quickly, no problems there :)

    2) So there aren't any jungs without the scout? Not even 1-2 per season? Ok, np, just wanted to know if I should watch in the pool for guys younger than 16 in order to form a team for the youth championship. I guess I'm also willing to loan a young player to make it happen in the new season, doesn't matter how good or bad...

    4) I decided to sell 3 default players and buy 2 players with high Talent from the pool in order to develop them. I'll see how that goes, didn't expect anyone would have +1 on forehand, topspin or any skill after just 1 day but it happened (Talent 40, no special training). Cool to see it can happen but I won't be too happy because there's a long way ahead.

    If someone is willing to share some tips privately (PM), feel free to do so. I guess it's logical not to share it publicly in order to keep the advantage as long as possible. Looking forward to find things out myself anyway but I guess it couldn't hurt to learn some things a bit easier. Thanx :)

    Also looking for everyday training partner, senior team. I have one friend I challenged today so I'd be grateful if someone challenged me today and I return the favour tomorrow. Amateur league 1, appreciate any help I can get, thanx :)

    Team - Stolnopenisaci

    I'm new to the game so I'll start asking questions, don't hesitate to give as much answers as possible since most tips are in the German section. I hope even more players start playing, especially outside Germany so we can communicate more. Or I'll just have to learn deutsch, been meaning to anyway :)

    My questions:

    1.) Players with higher Talent improve faster and have a greater chance to become top players than those with less? (If we pressume same age, training and match experience)..also some ingame examples would be helpful, for example development comparisons of players aged 16-24, different Talent ability (15 compared to 40), etc..

    2.) Youths - how often young players (aged 10-15) appear if we don't hire a youth scout? Ofc if they appear at all.

    3.) Youth scouts - how much they influence the scouting process? I mean surely they influence quite a lot, my questions is directed towards the different factors such as - how many possible talents can be found in a season, does higher scout ability mean he finds more players, more talented players, youngsters with higher "starting" ability, all above?...ingame examples would be helpful...

    Also, how good can youngsters be when the scout finds them?

    4.) Talent training - any tip possible about training skills, signing trainers, information about how much players improve during an average season, how extreme can they improve etc...

    Enough questions for now, feel free to help me any way you can.