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    That's what I am talking about, you now say this was created only for me and now I'm not the victim of the game bug but someone who benefited from it.

    You created the auction and everyone could bid on it. I only took extreme measures this time and offered 750 k.

    Now we are all offended and that's fine with me.

    But you have to remember two things:

    1. the game is not a justice system

    2. not everyone can win

    If you relax you may not win today but you may enjoy the game more and win later. You were unlucky this time, but you have also benefited greatly from another player's exit if I remember correctly.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to piss you off and I won't think you are trying to piss me off.

    1. Then it seems like you don't care about the product/service you offer, or you just stand behind the managers that invest more money in your game? - Fair if you ask me.

    Bold: True, but I benefited by figuring out the situation and staying online for 12 hours. All managers were in the same boat because there was no bug and anyone could have bought those players.

    And if you remember, I was the one that sent you a message and gave you the option to eliminate it from the game.

    I can understand your frustration also because there was no simple solution that would be fair to anyone, just a big headache..

    I am still playing because I still enjoy the game, pretty simple. A lot less than before because of things mentioned in my previous posts but enough to keep playing.

    It takes a lot of time and a little money to get in such a place to be competitive, and I really enjoy the competition if it's fair. The "fair" thing is always under discussion because the game evolves (different tactics, clans, etc) but it becomes less fair when things like this happen.

    And I would have the same feeling if I was on the "winning side" that got the best case scenario...

    In the end, it is just a game but why someone shouldn't take it a bit more seriously? Not a life or death thing, but if I'm going to do something, I'll try to do it the best way possible.

    I have addressed this from my point of view on the English section (partly but I reflect on what you try to impose on me).

    If there are any questions or remarks, feel free to write it down.

    From now on, I do not try to translate from english to german and communicate on the german section, I will only write in english in the international.

    And like I said earlier, this is my last generation before I quit the game. I had no intention in blackmailing anyone, even if it seems so.

    Now that I'm back home, I can take a few minutes and write some of my thoughts. I was a guest at my friends place yesterday so the whole situation put me in an awkward/rude situtation towards them and made me even more mad. I was on my smartphone the whole time, trying to read everything and see what happens.

    First of all, this was really unpleasant so I apologize for some things I wrote and I will now try to explain the whole situation.

    1. If someone sees me as desperate, think again. Stairs is the next best player but I have my own guy who can beat him at home. The difference is smaller every day because of 2 things, Stairs has higher average ability and less talent (exp and skills are pretty close so it could turn out we have same skills in the duel).

    I made a cut and decided to have 4 strong guys without "the hole" on number 4 which puts Sumpsi in problems, and others also, because of age difference in their squads.

    2. Thomas won auctions with less money spent that necessary which has different effects, leave him with more money for further development, leaves Sumpsi with less money also.

    I am under no illusion that I have more money than him because I assume he has more than I had at my prime (cca 1,4 mil. which is trimmed down with time) but there are different factors here.

    I suspect the bug was created when I tried to raise the bid to 470 k in the last 5 seconds when I didn't have enough in my bank (let's say I had 750 k with 405 k deduction by then current offer so I couldn't raise it further in case no one overbid me)

    If I raised to 470 k and Thomas overbid me fair and square, he losses about 120 k which is not much but can be a factor in the future.

    Also, it becomes relatively more expensive to buy Tipton, especially if I bid on him, which was also a plan (backup plan but still a plan).

    Would Thomas necessarily bid 500k + if he had to spend 470 k on Stairs?

    My plans were simple, do my best to buy Stairs or make someone spend a lot of money, variations to the plan depends on:

    If I win Stairs for small amount, bid for Tipton also and maybe win next 10 championships (I then have McNulty or Stringer Bell to sell for at least 125-150 k which I believe they are worth)

    If I don't win Stairs, spend the money on Tipton. (which I couldn't do because of the bug which didn't transfer 405 k bid from Stairs back to my account)

    Difference between 650 k and 1 million is not small, even if you have 2 million in the bank, you even ask yourself if it's worth it considering everything.

    3. About my "retirement" plans. I tried to bring some of my RL friends, TT enthusiasts to the game but they just didn't stick to the game. Lukavac was here for more than 2 years but decided to quit so I kept playing on my own. It gets boring because the game is quite slow.

    When things like this happen, you can lose months of your real time trying to get back and that is depressing.

    I didn't want to blackmail Wulfman anyhow and that's why my thought was to leave the game and not influence others but then again, I did renew my premium and spent months and years in the game, raising money, setting trainers and other things in motion to attack the Bundesliga.

    I guess I have about 50-60 k worth of top blades and rubbers you can buy on the pool (enough for rackets between 105-110)

    Ok, I'm not the biggest spender because I only renew premiums with PaySafe which leaves a little to buy for example 1.000 ingame currency and that's it. I have never bought anything of black market and only spent 10 Euros to unlock my players.

    Should I just leave all that because of some bug that affected me the most?

    Think about all your words directed towards me because from some of your posts, Wulfman is the victim here and I'm the bad guy.

    For those who tried to understand me and supported me, thanks. Maybe I didn't do it in the best and most polite way but this is not just a game, not if you spent years on it.

    I dont want to be the additional problem and ruin the game for others.

    Even if I am right about some things, there is no better solution that will fix it. I will continue with the generation I have and that will be all from me. When they retire, I will retire.

    but you can consider that Thomas would buy both players and spend a million or more?

    The bug didnt only affect me, it affected Sumpsi because he lost 200-300 k easy.

    How come you didnt think of awarding the replica player to me for 350 001 ?

    Not that I think thats fair because I dont..

    Okay, you took your side, no problem.

    Like I said, matter of principles. You cannot guarantee I wouldnt offer more for Stairs or Tipton, which is a huge difference.

    You are not taking all into consideration so I will not participate here anymore.

    Ari will be sold to the pool, account deleted.

    Domac over and out..

    fucking autocorrect, I meant Thomas got both players too cheap.

    My plan was to buy Stairs to eliminate long term competition and my only mistake was not offering 500 k or more and win without doubt or make Thomas lose money.

    Now he says he would offer more, guess what, i would too. So fuck your solutions which dont solve anything

    Since I am not at home, I cannot participate in this discussion, I will be back tomorrow.

    But your ideas do not solve anything. I don't want to be harsh, but it is idiotic, and the only winner here is Thomas. Nothing against, but he got two players too.

    I would now spend 900 k on one player only as a fuck you to the game.

    My team is ok without any of those but the principle matters.

    Ich schlage vor, Wulfman lässt es wie es ist und ich lösche mein Konto.

    Weil jede Alternative schlecht ist. Jetzt scheint es, als würde Thomas mehr bieten und wir beide verlieren. Der Preis steigt.

    Wie gesagt, kein Problem für mich, 500 k oder mehr anzubieten, es geht nur an den verrückteren Manager.