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    A friend who has friends who played (n some of them still plays) this game told me that many of them stopped play this game because there are sharp differences between premiun n non premium players/account. unfair. The most thing that they think unfair is non premium players/account have no access to Auction, and that hurts alot.

    my suggestion is, if u want to listen it, make non premium accounts have access to auction.

    i know, it should be different traits between them. u could differentiate them with (not to much) effects in game, but, u know, auction have to much effects in game.

    I believe and currently feel its true (what my friend told me), n starts feel not interesting to continue playing this game.


    How does special training works?

    I tried special training several times with my senior n youth players (intensive). there are no immediate result from that (special) training, since normal training give immediate result.

    in my opinion, special training should be give better result than normal training coz we pay money while normal training doesnt. in facts, i dont see any benefit from special traning, coz its values (numbers) hasnt changed at all.

    may be i miss something?

    beginner can get players like that. wow amazing. as a beginner, i do amaze. xan u give me some advice pls. my players average abilities only 28 at most.


    oh ok, i just suggeat to make this game more deeper, moee inrerating, n give alot of threats n opportunities.

    if interest rates beeing an issue, u can lower it.

    about the IPO, its risk n return. as developer, u can balance it.

    it can be capital gain only or with deviden. it depends to club shares seller, they get the financial benefit in IPO or not.

    shares buyers also face risk. shares can be down to be zero, if they buy shares from not activ club n deleted from the game.

    1. I have a suggestion. to make the game deeper.
    2. 1. what if investments (deposits) can be multiple. every manager can save more than 1 contract.
    3. 2. What do you think if a club can do IPO. so every manager can buy and sell shares (of other clubs), useful assources of income / financing. also club pride especially the big clubs because the stock price is high and profitable.
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    i lived in GMT+7, usually at most 11AM, my local time, i cant enter the game. Now already 01PM my local time, i still cant enter the game.

    ususally i never log out. but this morning, i logged out. several minutes letter, i tried to enter the game, but it cant. until now, still cant.

    im affraid there is something happends, make my game is rejected.

    thanx u

    hello admin.

    I forgot my password.

    i have ask forgot password, n u had sent me new password to my email. but still cant enter the game.

    can y help me;)

    Hi, im very new join this game, but i realy2 love this game.

    first of all, im apologise coz my english is not good enough (im from indonesia), but i try my best, hopefully all of you got my point.

    for beginner player, Not just me ofcourse, need deeper informations. hope this thread can help new player, without anoying older player n dev coz of redundance questions.

    please help me to know:

    Staffs pool n players pool. Are they consist of stafs n players for all managers? i meant, are all managers in this game, suplied with the same persons (players n staffs) from same pools? or pools is independant for all managers?

    Thanx U<3