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    Many Congratulations to Domac who's second team STK Stolnopenisaci reached the Premier League meaning Domac has two teams in the Premier League this season.

    Unfortunately teams Glupani, nikud nikam and CandasXI have dropped out

    Meaning the rest of the top 10 International teams after Domac's are my57team, TTC Wimbledon FC, Adega Cooperativa, Sporting Portugal, Harmony, TTC AFC Wimbledon, Hacksaws and Nordic Sky.

    Thanks Buster.

    And yes Wolfman of course people are leaving because of it. With 99.9% of new players leaving there has to be a problem.

    And there is a difference between fighting for something and it being mission impossible.

    Even if buster was the best table tennis manager player that ever lived restarting (after a break from it say) there is no guarentee that he would not get relegated. The only difference with him is that he would not care about being relegated in his first season.

    I my first season my two teams came 8th and 5th. I read everything there was on the forum and watched the only video there is on the game. Looking back there is nothing I could have done to improve my 1st season results without completely wrecking my future teams chances to make higher divisions in later season.

    Out of the 80 teams that joined when Ijoined none of them were left after season 5. 36 of the 80 teams were relegated in there first season ie. 45%. 12.5 % were promoted and 42.5% stayed in the same division.

    However Buster started playing at or near the start of the season so his chances of relegation are higher as someone starting there the game near the end of the season can get lucky and take over a team that has already had many victories.

    I'm not suggesting you weaken all low league robots but it wouldn't hurt to weaken some in the lower parts of Division 8.

    At the moment someone who spends hours going though the forum and doing all the correct moves still has a very good of relegation. And someone who doesn't do so much search rightly gets relegated.

    In my view all games are addictions and have to hook you in to start off with. A game that kicks you down every day in the first week or two is not going to be as addictive.

    That being said out of the top 3 teams in the Premier League at the monment two of them came 9th in their first season and the other came 6th.

    It's still a game though .


    WIth Domac's main team Stolnopenisaci doing so in the Premier League who will be the next International team in the Premier League.

    Will it be:

    Glupani who have played in the Premier League 3 times although that was some time ago, with there best finish being 8th place.

    STK Stolnopenisaci Domac's second team who are currently 4th in the Second Division. There best finish being 3rd place in the Second Division

    nikud nikam currently in the Fourth Division. Best position being 10th in the Second Division

    my57team currently in the Fourth Division. Best position being 9th in the third Division

    TTC Wimbledon FC in the Fourth Division. Best position being 10th in the third Division

    Adega Cooperativa in the Fifth Division. Best position being 4th in the Fourth Division

    Sporting Portugal in the Fourth Division. Best position 6th in the Fourth Division

    Harmony in the Fifth Division. Best position 9th in the Fourth Division

    TTC AFC Wimbledon in the Fourth Division. Best Postion 1st in the Fifth Division

    CandasXI in the Fifth Division. Best Position 3rd in the Fifth Division

    Welcome Buster

    Yes it is normal for a new player to lose to robots. And many get relegated in their 1st season and lose heart.

    However being regelated in your 1st season is no bad thing. In your 2nd if you were regelated in the 1st you will more than likely beat the robots teams around you and come 1st or 2nd thereby gaining win bonuses and money for doing well in the 9th division.



    Many Congratulations to Domac and his team Stolnoperisaci

    Who cam third in the Bundesliga/Premier League in Season 146


    Second in the Bundesliga/Premier League in Season 147.

    wow way to go Domac

    I am sorry to say that all 80 international teams that started when I did have now left the game. While is ok to be relegated in your 1st season it is hardly motivational for the manager.

    I got tips on how to play the game from a Premiership manager. Read the forum and spent alot of time in game. And I got a premium account and spent some money on Euros. Yet still one of my teams was relegated to the 9th Division. And the other remained in the 8th Division.

    Other players are not so lucky they don't have a mentor they don't have time to read every forum post and don't always have money to spend in game.

    Wulfman admitts the bouce rate for new players is 99.9%. This in my view has to be too high. This rate means that out of 1,000 new players to join the game I am the only one left. And that Wulfman only gets 10 players playing the game for every 10,000 new players that start the game. If this bouce rate was reduced to 99% Wulfman would get 100 players playing for every 10,000 new players starting or even 95% then Wulfman would have 500 players playing for every 10,000 new players starting.

    In my view there is no point in advertising until something is done to reduce the bouce rate.

    What I think should be done is to let players playing in the very low divisions such as the 9th, 8th and 7th Divisions is to let them beat the computer teams around them. No one will complain if low computer teams get beat and a lot of new players would be very happy. Losing 6-0 away to very computer team in your first season is just not right.

    New players need to be motivated by some early wins in order for them to fall for the game hook line and sinker. If your doing your very best and still losing 6-0 in the 8th Division your going to be wondering what is the point in carrying on in the game.

    Just trying to help



    Hi Hugo Sousa

    I was very sorry to see you leave the game. Out of the 80 international team that started with me I saw you as my biggest competition. YOu were a breath of fresh air for the game. It would be interesting to know why you left.

    All the Best


    Welcome Quiensabe

    Go team Solaris. Well done on coming 1st in the 9th Division. Keep it up and most importantly don't give up. I'm in my 9th season and have only just got back to using a youth team for my TTC AFC Wimbledon team. Please read all the tips Domac left in the beginners guide.

    All the Best


    Congratulations go to Domac as his team Stolnopenisaci will be back Bundesliga/Premier League next season. Next Season will be Domac's 5th time in the Bundesliga/Premier league and I wish him all the best.

    I admit that no computer game is for everyone.

    However now out of the 80 International teams that started with me on Server 1 only 5 remain and out of the 22 International teams that started with me on Server 2 only 1 remains. Therefore Server 1 is only retaining 6.25% of players and Server 2 only 4.5% of players.

    Other computer games can have hours of information on youtube yet currently TTM has only a 29 second trailer, a 3 minute help guide and one video by beginner team falcons. If I was capable of doing some youtube videos on the game to help new players then I would.

    Therefore if you are a new international team just starting out feel free to message me and I'll try and help you out. Although I'm only in 3rd season I calculate that I am already a top 20 International manager (ie. non- German flag manager) on Server 1 and top 5 International Manager on Server 2.

    Like Domac says you need to be patient when playing TTM as 38% of the 80 new managers on Server 1 were relegated in their first season. Being relegated in your 1st season is no bad thing as it gives you a chance to build up your money and sort out your team for the journey ahead. Only 12% got promoted in their first season and all the teams that won promotion in their 1st season were relegated in their 2nd season.

    Like I said in the original post more thought needs to be put into how to retain new players. Do the computer teams in the 7th Division (District Division 3) really have to be so strong. When they are up against real players who have no or little idea of how to play the game. If it was not for Domac I would not be in District Division 2 with my team TTC AFC Wimbledon.

    Well done on the table tennis newspaper. but with 2 players 21 years old and older in such a new team you may struggle in your ambitions. Also I tried playing a friendly match against you the other day and it seemed to suggest that you had not got your team lined up for friendly matches. If you are not playing any friendly matches you may struggle next season in District Division 3.


    I put Crazy_City as my main team and Crazy_united as my second team. My Premium Account on Server 2 is now over and for some reason I now only have access to Crazy_United even though I put them as my second team and therefore expected only to have access to Crazy_City.

    What should I do? Should I delete Crazy_United and hope Crazy_City will reappear?

    This is a great game. However as I see it there are too many new managers leaving the game. I'm only a couple of seasons in but on server 1 out of 80 International teams that started with me only 51 reamin that 63% and on server 2 it is a lot worse 22 International teams started and only 5 remain thats only 22% left.

    Why are all these managers leaving the game. Maybe the game has too steep a learning curve at the beginning. Maybe new players don;t like losing to computer teams. Maybe there is not enough help for new players I admit there are a couple of excellent managers helping new managers but is it enough.

    Wulfman is a great guy is a great guy but does he look out for the PRemier League managers too much at the expense of the beginners the raw beginners rarely have a voice.

    Take the "Is there to much money in the game" topic on the German forum. The only reason for storing money in the middle or lower league as I can think of is that 1 day they will spend all their cash at once in order to have a shot at the big leagues. By stopping middle teams from storging money their hope of becoming a Premier League manager will fade and in time they will stop playing the game.

    Computer games are measured by how many players are playing the game. More thought needs to be put into how to retan new players. Maybe they could be rewarded for staying in the game for a month. Maybe more experience players could be rewarded if they mentor a beginner. Maybe some of the lower computer teams could be made weaker(especially on server 2).