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    I am always a glass is half full type of person so no fears there. On the positive side I have already slightly upgraded the hall and am managing to fill it and overall I am making a profit so the money side of it is going ok. Plus there are only a few more games left until I get relegated and hopefully next season will be more encouraging.

    Thanks for the comments though domac101.

    Wow this game really doesn’t make it easy for new players does it. Talk about taking the stuffing out of you!!

    Today I was informed via a random event that I have lost my best player for two days thanks to this message “Brendan Pugh is invited to participate in an international tournament. Reluctantly (or proudly?), you have to let him go. He is not available for the next two games.”

    Not that I ever did have much chance of not getting relegated but now all chance has just about disappeared. So with a fair bit of the season left I now feel as if I have nothing left to play for so logging on to see my daily losses is becoming a bit of a grind.

    I will not quit but I have to confess that I can see why so many do. I strongly suggest that you look at the random events Wulfman and maybe for newbies you remove the bad ones and only give them encouraging ones for their first season or something like that.

    Anyway as you have so obviously put so much effort into the game I thought I would share the feelings of a total newbie with you so that you can get a flavour of what new players feel, which might help you in your development of the game.

    No Wulfman I realise that you have to fight for victories and that is no bad thing. It is also very boring in other games where you instantly thrash bots until you reach high enough up the pyramid system to play against human opponents. So I guess somewhere between the two extremes lies the true answer.

    Only you know the extent of people dropping out after being relegated in their first season so only you know whether there is a problem or not. There is a big difference between newbies not really engaging with the game from the very start and newbies engaging with the game until they are relegated and then leaving. Again I guess you are monitoring these figures closely.

    You have a great game here. The only bit of advice that I would offer, as a total newbie, if I may, is make it very obvious to people like myself that losing to bots is normal.

    Until I read MadJack’s post and in fairness he also privately messaged me with a note of encouragement (which was very much appreciated) I was of the opinion that I must be doing something wrong.

    Only last night I lost to the bot who is bottom of the league so you start to scratch your head and wonder what is going on! Therefore, a strong message telling newbies that it is normal to lose to bots would put mew players minds at rest. A message along the lines of MadJacks would probably go down well for new players.

    keep up the good work!

    Thanks MadJack. Having played a lot of these type of games it seems a very weird concept that human owned teams should lose to bot managed teams. In fact in my experience it makes it unique! However, it is what it is and unless one wishes to leave the game then you just have to accept it.

    I am slightly heartened by your post though and it has prompted me to search through the Amateur League 1 ranks and I have found that an awful lot of those teams due to be relegated are in fact human teams. Most of the teams that started with me from Maxithlon are in the same boat as myself. Therefore, it appears that the game was designed to be that way. So maybe I am not doing as much wrong as I thought I was.

    I can imagine that there must be one hell of a drop out rate from the game! Then again there is in all these sort of games I guess. Who knows maybe making games where you are getting beaten by bots is the new way forward!?? Who knows?

    Anyway, thanks for the encouragement.

    Thanks Wulfman.

    Having played Maxithlon continuously for the last 7 years and 7 months I am very familiar with long term games and the patience that is required for them.

    This is, however, a bit unique in that all the other games that I have played like Track King, Hattrick, Battrick, Stumped, Broken Bat etc etc I have always been able to beat bots. It is not a problem if this game is designed so that it is not intended for me to beat non players, I was merely checking to ensure that at this early stage I wasn’t doing anything drastically wrong.

    Don’t worry from what I have seen so far I like the looks of the game and at this very early stage I hope to be one of the newbies that stick around to eventually become an old hand.

    I know it is very very early days but I appear to be losing to bot clubs! Is that normal or am I doing something wrong?

    I have purchased one player who is 32 overall but all the rest are roughly 25 except my kids who are useless with no stamina so the juniors are all on pause to try and get their stamina up to something useful. Am I right in guessing that somewhere around the 30 Overall skill should see me winning a few matches?

    Thanks Kantengott.

    You are of course perfectly correct and now *roll on the drums* the players that played last night have fans! Not a lot but from such small beginnings a Table Tennis empire shall rise! Oh well that’s the theory anyway 😉

    Thanks Portwein, much appreciated. Oh they are 0. I guess I will heed Wulfman’s advice and wait until day 5 of this new season.

    once again thanks though.

    Thanks Stefan and Wulfman.

    Yes I saw from domac101’s brilliant beginners guide that I need to add the fans of my own team plus add a few more for the opposition. The problem is I cannot find where it lists how many fans each of my team has got! Haha!

    I know it will be there somewhere I just have to keep searching. I play a few of these type of games so I really should know better. Patience is the key! Maybe I should follow my own advice.

    anyway thanks for the welcome from both of you. I am looking forward to getting to grips with the game.

    Hi all,

    I am a super newbie so please excuse if this question has been asked a thousand times but I have read all the guides which have helped enormously.

    My question is does the game have a mentoring system, if so put me down for one please!

    if not then I have a load of questions to ask so I will start with the most basic one...........I assume one of my first acts should be to enlarge the hall as Wulfman says in his guide. However, I don’t want to overdo it so would doubling the stands to 160 be a sensible opening step? Also if I upgrade bit by bit until I reach the size of a small hall do I still have to pay the 40k to upgrade or will it upgrade automatically. In other words is it better doing nothing until I have the full 40k and then do it all in one?

    Thank you all in advance and I look forward to getting to know you all.