Staff planning

  • Staff Planning

    Under OFFICE - staff, each manager can manage his staff via the menu. This area is easy to navigate and immediately shows you that you can only hire one new member of staff in the first season (for each even season, you can then buy another staff spot). In this guide, we would like to show you which members of staff are important when and which benefits are associated with these members of staff. Keep in mind that a maximum of five staff members of each staff type can be employed at once. Staff with a skill level of up to 120 can be purchased via the pool (if available). With a bit of luck, you can buy staff with a skill level of up to 140 on the black market using real money. However, the skill level can be improved through seminars. We would like to start with a brief overview of the individual characteristics of the staff.

    1. Trainer

    The trainer improves all abilities (e.g., forehand, backhand, serve, etc.) of players who are at least 16 years of age and are thus considered adults in the context of this game. The more adult players are part of your squad, the less the impact of the coach on any single adult player.

    In addition, the higher the ability of the trainer, the higher the impact and the more trainers (you can hire a maximum of 5 of each staff type), the more the skills of the players will increase. (This is to say that skill level 110 is better than skill level 100, and, in case of multiple trainers, their abilities add up.)

    2. Stamina Trainer

    The stamina trainer improves the stamina of all players. This is to say that the more players are part of your squad (even youth players), the smaller the impact on any single player. In addition, the section that is marked in red under trainers also applies to the stamina trainer.

    3. Youth Scout

    Based on a certain probability, the youth scout will likely find a youth player (10 to 15 years of age) at night. In this case, the ability of the youth scout only influences the odds of finding a youth player, but not the talent, age, or ability of that youth player. The longer a youth scout does not find a youth player, the higher the probability that he will find a youth player the next night. The section marked in red under trainers also applies to the probability of finding a youth player. At this point, it should be said that the youth scout will not find any more youth players if there are already 40 or more youth players that are part of the squad.

    4. The motivational trainer works just like the stamina trainer. However, this trainer does not improve the stamina, but the motivation of your players.

    5. Spy

    Under OFFICE – espionage you can see what skills your spy has. The red section under trainer applies to spies as well.

    6. Youth Trainer

    The youth trainer works just like the trainer. However, this trainer does not improve the ability characteristics of your adult players, but those of the youth players (10 to 15 years of age) that are part of your squad.

    7. Security Service

    Under OFFICE – security service, you can find detailed explanations regarding the security service. The red section under trainer also applies in this case.

    When to hire whom?

    Answering this question is not that easy. However, both the spy and the security service should not be bought in the beginning by any means. They are only worth purchasing if one is already standing on solid ground. Everyone has to decide for himself whether he wants to take advantage of the capabilities of the spy/ security service. As a guideline, we recommend that only players who would call themselves experienced managers deal with the topic of the security service/ spies.

    The choice of the other types of staff is not an easy one either. If you want to advance with the existing players and make money through victories, you could hire a trainer or stamina trainer to achieve this goal. However, you will not be able to form a top squad using this team, which you should be aware of. To do this, you have to groom your youth players early. However, using this tactic, one could try to groom a fresh youth squad during the coming seasons.

    Hiring the youth scout can make sense during your first season already. However, this trainer will introduce a path that provokes several seasons with many defeats at first. Youth players do not receive a salary, but they can play as part of the adult team so long as you possess a youth release. In addition, the youth scout allows you to earn money by selling some of the players. Attention: There is an upper limit as to how many youth players can be found by the scout. This number currently amounts to 40 players.

    If one has created a good squad, with which one can and wants to play a few seasons, then the trainer (for adult players) or a youth trainer (for young players) is particularly indispensable. The cost/ benefit ratio is better than in case of the special training (at least for a small squad) and training camp. A stamina trainer (in case the players are lacking stamina) can make sense as well. The motivation trainer is a good option for optimising the squad strength. However, the priority is worse in this case than in case of the trainer (youth trainer) or stamina trainer. It is important to know that physical stamina and motivation are also part of the game. If you want to make the most of your team, a stamina trainer and motivational trainer are certainly a must.