Update on Tuesday 22.01.2019

  • Update on Tuesday 22.01.2019


    on Tuesday the 22.01. around 11:30 o'clock we will probably install the long-awaited update.

    That will change:


    The Table Tennis Manager ventures to China in the year of the Earth Pig. The pig symbolizes success and wealth. Let's see if he is well-disposed towards us. :)

    In any case, we will import the Chinese version together with this update. However, we will test the version again in live operation, i.e. the marketing starts later and will take some time, so no player growth is to be expected for the time being.

    Scout Skilling

    Finally comes the new feature we've talked about a lot. From now on it is possible to skill the scout, i.e. you can influence the values of the youth players he finds.

    Since this feature needs some more explanation, we have outsourced it here:

    Scout skilling

    Special training

    From now on it is possible to stop special training over a longer period of time. Therefore it was necessary to move away from immediate payment, i.e. the costs are now debited at night and you have the possibility to change the settings afterwards.

    But beware: Always have the money left on your account!

    If the button lights green and a value is set, the automatism is on:


    When spying out the tactics now also rackets are shown in the hand of the players:

    Other changes:

    • The query when buying a hall is now available in all languages
    • We solved the training problem that occurred with languages with special characters.
    • We have moved the video button up in the mobile view so that it can no longer be above the menus
    • Videobonus - a long runner, hopefully we have solved the biggest problems now
    • The inconsistent display of the number of claims at the end of the season has been corrected:
      matches remaining this match day: 3 / 3
      matches remaining this season: 1 / 45
    • Rackets in auctions are no longer updated after the end of the auction
    • Player transfers via a third party are no longer possible with immediate effect. Whoever sells a player into the pool by mistake has the possibility to buy him back into the same team after the invisibility period, but a transfer of a player over the pool or auctions from the first to the second team is no longer possible even over several stations.
    • There is a new switch button. This is because we used the new one in bigger for the message when creating the second team.
    • The challenges of the last matchday can no longer be exaggerated. (I didn't check that because it was so awkward to check. Please tell me if it's not possible anymore)
    • The automatic friendship match acceptance of adults, youth and fun were separated, i.e. now you can set them individually for each area.
    • During the upgrade of the staff seats, a security query was added as desired.
    • Multiple locks excluded for random events: From now on, there is no longer a ban on a random event if there is already a banned player in the team. (Due to the rare constellation, I did not test this myself, so please forgive me and give feedback if it should happen again).
    • Payment Wall: We have added a new payment method. This is due to the Chinese version, but maybe one of you would like to use it. The provider Payment Wall allows us to integrate the two biggest Chinese payment providers Alipay and WeChatPay. Was more difficult than it sounds...
    • The rackets are now sorted alphabetically in the list
    • The order of display of experience/motivation/condition has been standardized
    • The personnel can now also be sorted by type
    • Players in the line-up can no longer be sent to the training camp.
    • We have fixed some language bugs in the different versions

    I hope I haven't forgotten anything and you like the new update.

    Please, as always, remember to clear your browser's cache or reinstall the app after the update.

    Your Wulfman

  • Supplement:

    During the search for the home advantage in the championships we noticed a bug thanks to @ach_ja´s hint, which was probably responsible for the strange results. It only affected the doubles. If you had two doubles in the championship and one of them was eliminated prematurely, the tactic of the other was deleted when you changed it to the next round.

    I apologize, but this happens in between. :-(

    This update also fixes this bug!

  • Update installed!

    We still had some problems with server 2 and paid back the special trainings paid today, because they are now also charged at night.

    To be on the safe side, check the settings again.

    The paid back special training does not appear in the turnover, because we did it directly via the database.

    Otherwise, everything, including the new features, should now work correctly, otherwise report in the forum.

    I wish you a lot of fun!