Update on Tuesday the 26.05.2020

  • Advance notice!


    on 26.05.2020 around 10 o'clock we plan to install the long awaited update. This update is one of the biggest we've ever had, so as always, I'm asking for some patience, clearing the cache and a feedback if something doesn't work as desired. Due to the length of the update I will not take screenshots today, I think you will recognize the new features, otherwise just ask in the forum.

    Now to the new features

    Premium feature: Renew setup automatically

    Premium players can now have their equipment renewed automatically. While there is only a minimal advantage to renew your setup daily, it is there. Premium users can now save themselves the effort and non-premium users will not even see the feature.

    3x friendly matches per team per season

    The 3x per season rule now replaces the 5-day suspension for friendly matches. This means from now on you can challenge a friendly team three days in a row in a season if you want to. Before this was only possible every 5 days. So there are no more demands, but you are much more flexible in planning.

    Live ticker in the championships

    We are introducing a live ticker at the championships. In order not to reveal anything here in advance, the results of the respective match day will be covered with question marks in the championship tree for the time being and will only be revealed after viewing the live ticker. If you don't want this, you can deactivate the Liveticker in the settings. Furthermore we are forced to pay out the achieved rewards per round only at the end of the championship, because otherwise you can see immediately if someone has made progress or not by looking at the rewards in the daily turnover of the overview.


    We have slightly improved the auction area:

    • As long as no bid has been received, you can now cancel your own auction bid
    • If you want to start a new auction you will now be shown more information about the respective object. In addition, the minimum price is displayed and immediately entered as a bid in the field as help
    • The message "You have been outbid at the auction for player xyz" now really only appears when you have been outbid and not when someone is below your own with a new bid
    • The message when outbid by another player in the auction now appears in the correct language
    • You can now increase your maximum bid for a personnel auction if you are already a bidder and only this one free personnel slot remains. The system has so far evaluated this as a new auction and denied
    • You will now get an ingame message for your own expired auction
    • As long as you are the highest bidder in an auction, this is now indicated by a green amount (also in the auction list)
    • You can reduce your maximum bid afterwards by placing a new bid up to the current maximum bid
    • Own auctions are now no longer displayed at the top of the page for all auctions, but at the bottom under "Current team/staff/bat". Furthermore, the running auctions have been separated from the finished ones to give you a better overview
    • I am now able to start my own auctions with manual values from the system. That means I can now add interesting players, staff and clubs to the auction via the system. Since I know how sensitive you are to such things, you are welcome to open a topic and discuss how often and with which values such auctions are useful. I plan to use this feature rarely anyway.

    Rental fee

    A rental fee of 10% of the player value (halftime 5%) is introduced. The fee is paid by the lender and flows into the system. This rental fee is multiplied by the number of rentals to the same manager (no matter if team 1 or team 2), i.e. the second rental to the same manager increases the fee to 20%, the third rental to 30%, etc. This does not exclude teamwork, but in the long run it becomes more cost-intensive and at some point you have to pull the ripcord and change your rental partner. The rule is player-dependent, so if you have another player, the rule applies again.


    Player1 to User1 half season -> fee: 5%

    Player2 to User1 whole season -> Fee: 10

    Player1 to User1 Half season (2nd time) -> Fee: 10

    Player2 to User1 whole season (2nd time) -> fee: 20%.

    Player3 to User1 half season -> fee: 5% <- counts again from the beginning

    Player1 to User1 whole season (3rd time) -> fee: 20%.

    Player2 to User1 Half season (3rd time) -> Fee: 25%

    Basically you don't have to worry about it, because the correct fee in Euro will be shown to you already before you rent a car.

    The "previous fee" will be renamed to "price" by the way. Nothing else has changed. We have also added some player information to the rental contract.

    Other new features

    • Non premium players are now also allowed to lend and hire two players per season
    • There is now a small notepad that allows you to save individual texts in the game.
    • In the game reports you can now get the player information by clicking on the name of the player
    • There is now a one season rental ban for players purchased from the pool or an auction. This is shown in the rental shop with two red arrows.
    • In Speedgame the final tables are now saved (older tables are no longer accessible). You have to click on the name of the Speedgame. In addition, the start date of the Speedgame is now displayed and the page itself has been given a pagination and is now wrapped from 20 pieces.
    • When calling up the page "Special Training" the default setting "Forehand" has been removed for "all players" to avoid misunderstandings
    • The sorting of the players in the line-up (green board) and in the tactics is now set to alphabetical by default. Previously the tactics view was not sorted at all and in the line-up the board was also sorted when sorting. Now in the line-up only the list of players under the board is sorted and therefore the position in the doubles (line-up) is the same as in the tactics and not confused like before.
    • You can now also search for the ID of a player (radio button: Player)

    Bug fixes:

    • We were still missing a board for the mobile view in upright format for the championship. This has now been created for all languages
    • The balance sheet->Today shows no turnover on the first matchday and twice as much on the second matchday (day 1 + day 2). Hopefully we have solved that now, but as already written this was only a display error not a real double deduction.
    • With a trick it was possible to generate players without names, we have now fixed this
    • In a friendly match the check if the opponent's line-up is complete before the match was played was missing. This is now fixed and there should be no more incomplete friendly matches.
    • The player transfer via third party had a bug which has been fixed now, so it should not work anymore
    • The values of old auctions should no longer be updated
    • The lines in the messages now also convert to the Chinese language
    • The countdown has been reduced so that it no longer breaks down on small terminals
    • The exploit that allowed you to continue using the old scout skiing step after the hall was dismantled is closed
    • We have made the popup window for players a little bit bigger, because it didn't fit the current info/player values
    • The bug with the display of "My auctions" was fixed
    • Fixed a problem with the positioning of a player in the French language (due to special characters)
    • Already done in February: Fixed a bug with CPU players who had too many championship points

    Other changes

    Only a maximum of 2 player suspensions per season

    There can only be a maximum of 2 player suspensions per season and per team of 1-3 days by random events, i.e. a maximum of 6 days per season. It is still possible, but very unlikely, that the same player will be randomly bumped twice with a 3-day suspension. Since I find this feature hard to test, I would like to ask for feedback if there is a team that received more than two suspensions per season after the update. I reserve the right to raise the locks again if we should introduce a new feature with healing powers at some point, e.g. a personal physiotherapist.

    New Multi Account Concept

    We have changed our concept for multi accounts. While it used to be that I had to search for suspicious accounts myself or check for suspicion, our system now does that by itself. The system not only searches for new multi accounts, but also automatically blocks them for subsequent interactions: Friendly matches, auctions and pool purchases. This means that the most dangerous ways to gain an unfair advantage over multiple accounts are automatically eliminated. Since there are no limits to the creativity of cheaters, I naturally reserve the right to continue punishing users who break the rules. The honest among you, who live for example in a shared flat, may continue to give me credible information about this fact, then they will be activated by me for the common friendly matches (not for the pool or auctions).

    Call2Pay removed

    We have removed the payment method Call2Pay, as it consumed extremely high fees. It is also not a preferred payment method by the players. I apologize to those who have been using it in the past, but as an example: For a Call2Pay payment of 19.99 Euros, I only get 13.44 Euros. From Switzerland it is even less with just 8,40 Euro: So in this case more than half of the money went to the payment service provider. Since we have more players from neighboring countries, these costs are too high for me. By the way, this is also a reason why we do not offer SMS as a means of payment. The fees for this are similarly high. We do not offer credit card payment, because possible return debit notes can considerably exceed the payment value. Then I would even make minus.

    Player devaluation in the black market (depending on the league)

    There is now a devaluation of players in the black market, depending on the league. Until now, even lower class players on the black market have been offered the same players as those who play at the top of the league. It's just that these players are so out of touch for beginners that they shoot at sparrows with cannons. We have now introduced a 5% reduction per league. This means that the values of the players at the bottom of the league are not only fairer, but also cheaper to buy. The devaluation also affects the skills, not the talent. The staff and the clubs are not affected.

    Content for the search engines

    In order to give the search engines a little food, we have added a few pages with a little more content on the website, which are not blocked by login. As written actually for Google+Co, but if you like, you can of course read through the pages (in all languages):



























    • I now have the ability to check players for bot activity. So better leave it alone, because I'm also planning penalties for this!
    • For new registrations the button "extend account" will be hidden for the first 5 days
    • We have now slightly increased the security of the login. If you enter your password incorrectly 3 times, you will be blocked for a short time to prevent your password from being spied out by a brute force attack

    A few more basic things

    Marketing in China

    I am still working on marketing in China. It is difficult, both in terms of the mentality of the Chinese, their considerable financial interest, their isolation from the West, and the language barrier. I do not want to write any more about this, except: It is difficult, but I have not given up yet.

    Relegation places distribution

    On the subject of randomly distributing the relegation spots, one more sentence: No it will not come. I can't explain it to you, but it seems more difficult than it looks. Here is the programmer's answer to this: "This will be a big and error-prone change. The teams are currently running through one after the other and are placed in the leagues according to a formula. Changing that will require a major reprogramming of the section at the turn of the season." I've checked off the "big" and "bug-prone" part, so please don't be angry. It's a similar situation with the perennial issue of "setting the championship".

    New advertising provider

    The new advertising banners of the provider SPM are going quite well so far, but unfortunately I haven't found a real replacement for the video ads yet. The currently displayed affiliate banners have not yet brought in any revenue, so it is not a permanent solution for me for this prominent position. I'll let the topic sink a bit.

    Short server failures

    In between there are messages about a short server failure. I usually pass this on to the programmer, but it is not so easy for him to investigate a failure in the logs (due to the mass of entries). I just hope that the phenomenon either kills itself or that we come across it by chance. However, I personally could not find any failures lately. So the last months I don't think I had any at all.

    New app after the update

    I will install the new app you have already tested after the update, then I can link it to the features. By the way, there is also a Chinese app, on which my latest hopes for a "conquest" of the Chinese market are based.

    Corona Crisis

    The Corona crisis didn't harm the game, quite the contrary: The programmer was finally able to free up resources for the update and we can welcome some new members in our circle. The absolute number of teams even grew above 3,000 on Server 1 for a short time, but more importantly, we also gained a few potential new regular users, which I would like to welcome again briefly: DavidHansson   Dfiozon   SottileBecher96   DannyQ   Malcolmio   rene9369   MadJack   Plaatin   Dr_all   abtest   Obi Wan Kramoni   Candas   Hypno   Rogoye   Minefighter   duchaus   rumpsteak   Lukas99   MrBee   Bryson   Foxys-A-Team   fra234   kevin   Mixeryew   kekshaufen   MagierKing   Gurgelight . If you haven't done so yet, please introduce yourself in the forum!

    Well, that's it for today, I've put you through a lot anyway. If you managed to read everything through to the end, I recommend to delete the cache or install the new app after the update and I wish you all a lot of fun with it!