China experiment was a failure

  • China experiment was a failure


    I can say it now for sure: The attempt to market the table tennis manager in China was a complete failure.

    I have invested two years of time, work and a lot of money in this "experiment" to be able to stand there with more experience but without the slightest profit.

    The venture was a single hurdle race, where you shimmy from one hurdle to the next, but the goal remained unattainable. This hurdle race was characterized by "China experts", who were all out to sell me something, but only came up with half-truths in order to be able to pocket a little bit of money on my way. China itself is full of regimentation and legimitation, whose hurdles were also time and money eaters and my run finally ended at a 100m high wall.

    Please excuse the metaphorical expression, but I don't want to mention any names or concrete incidents here.

    In retrospect, I wouldn't do that anymore of course, but on the other hand, the Chinese market is just too big to ignore. So at least I cannot blame myself for not having tried.

    For me, this is the biggest defeat in the development time of this game and I have to lick my wounds a little bit now before it goes full steam ahead again.

    But don't let my current mood drag you down, TTM is still doing very well and I also see a lot of potential in other countries and marketing opportunities.