Skill Priority

  • Hello everyone,

    I was wondering what are good skills to pick for low-skilled/new players? I don't really know what are their benefits, so if someone could make a skill-by-skill analysis regarding their pros and cons, that would be awesome :)

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Depends...

    Nobody knows exactly what the skills will do to a player (There's a lot of trial and error - even among the best and longest participating managers). However, every Skill is good an more Skills are better than less.


    There are still a few rules to be followed. And they all make sense if you think about it.

    You can train your players in a variaty of things. One can focus his players developement on players that are keen to attack( train a lot of forehand, offence or topsin for example) or defensive minded players that are really good in defence or backspin. Or players that are pretty good in every category but don't excel in any.

    Now, to maximize your players potential, you should give him skills accordingly to his training.

    Say, you trained a player that's very good in offence and topsin. The skill, that'll elevate his game even further would be "shot" or "smash"

    If your player is more defensive minded, you should think about giving him a skill in "chopped balls" or "balloon defense".

    If you are developing players that are good in every possible category but not great in neither, you should focus on skils like "technique"

    To put it simply: a Skill is always beneficial for your player but if you choose a Skill that's fitting to your players, you'll maximize the result. A case of 1+1 is more than 2, if you will.

    There's only one skill, that's universally agreed upon to be irreplaceable. And that's "Leg Work". Reason: This will decrease the amount of stamina your players will loose. In other words: it's pretty good for a beginner, especially if you don't wanna spend your hard earnd money on stamina trainers,