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    Works for me.


    May I log into his account and try? Lukavac and I are actually real life friends, went to college together and played table tennis in the same team.

    Won't try anything without your permission.

    Edit: no need, Lukavac says it works now, thanks anyway..

    War nicht sicher, ob ich nur Probleme mit Login auf Server 2 hatte.

    Angefordertes neues Kennwort, stattdessen bei Server 1 angemeldet. Gleiche Mailadresse für beide Server.

    If someone wants to lend a player to the 3rd League next season, let me know. I don't have any specific requests, just age 16+ but the stronger the better.

    Even though it's not that attractive to loan an adult to 3rd League, maybe some specific requests can be fulfilled.

    40-45 friendlies, cup and championship play + league games of course. Possibly on positions 1 and 2 if the player is good enough.

    Anyway, I'm open for suggestions, negotiations so feel free to contact me.

    Shame there aren't any international players willing to share their stories, let's try to bring some of them to forum.

    Anyway, it's been a while since my first/last post here. Lots of things changed, strategies, knowledge of the game in general. Now I'm a little sad because I wasn't smarter in the beginning, earned a little more money but I guess those wrong moves in the beginning helped me learn some things the hard way.

    1st team - Stolnopenisaci

    I finally decided to play a little, gather a team to compete and see what happens. Currently in my 23rd season, not getting up there as fast as possible but that was my decision a couple of months ago. Currently in 2nd Bundesliga, collecting experience, evaluating progress and planning out further moves for the incoming seasons. Somewhat happy to see my guys developing although I realized some mistakes over seasons which I'll have in mind for the next generations.

    Don't want to go into details but current situation shows Stolnopenisaci have 3 young adults ready to play more seriously but are currently hold out by an old fashioned coach...He wants them to be patient, train hard and be ready when the time comes. ;(

    From time to time, the club owner wants to sell everything and abandon the current plan but not happening at the moment (maybe he doesn't want to piss off the legendary coach:D:D).. In a couple of seasons we'll see if I made the right choice.8)

    2nd team - STK Stolnopenisaci

    My second team is used mostly for experimentation and collecting information. There are seasons when I just play on "autopilot", clicking special trainings, challenges and collecting sponsorship money, and that cost me a lot actually. That's why that team fell behind in every possible way. That might change in the future as I'll reevalute the situation at the end of the season. At the moment, I am leaning towards making some radical moves and do what I should have done 6-7 months ago.

    Sieht großartig aus.

    Ich denke, es ist besser, wie Wulfman es gemacht hat, realistischer. Gut genug, um es leichter zu machen, aber nicht zu leicht.

    Sorry if I seemed rude, wasn't my intention. I read your announcement, tried without clearing cache, tried to clear cache when it didn't work, restarted, but it still didn't work..Then I asked here if anyone was experiencing any problems after your announcement...

    Cleared all data again to be sure I did not uncheck something before, restarted and tried again but nothing...There were times before when I had some problems with Mozilla, but I don't remember it not working at all..I just had to click on overview or something and try again..

    Turned the adds on but there are no banners around...We'll see tomorrow, that's not such a big deal anyway..I was just wondering if someone experienced similar problems after the update...

    Just to add, I am not using any kind of extensions for chrome or mozilla, not even add blocker...

    Well, for some reason it doesn't work...Cleared all the data from both Mozilla and Chrome, all cache, restarted the computer twice now and still the same blank screen...

    No mater how many !!! I could put in the end, it didn't work for me...