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    Looking for an adult player for loan next season

    2nd League, all league games + 40-45 friendly games + doubles championship

    offers via pm here or ingame - domac101, stolnopenisaci

    Bronstein wäre so einer gewesen...

    Genau, Bronstein wäre perfekt für die aktuelle Situation von MagitMatze.

    Besser als das ist für Teams in unterschiedlichen Situationen.

    Ich denke, die meisten von uns hassen es, wenn ein echter Bundesligaspieler Zeit in der 2. Liga oder der Regionalliga verschwendet.

    Denke langfristig und benutze solche Spieler, um deine eigenen Spieler zu entwickeln ...

    The beauty of this game is that you can do 95% of the necessary things in about 5-10 minutes per day...Later in the game, it takes a little more time to think things through if you want to make the best possible decision, which could determine your path for the next 5-10 seasons..

    My advice is to take things a little easier in the beginning until you notice important things and patterns and avoid doing too much..Enjoy the game and feel free to ask for help..

    Man, this was such a weird season for me...Started with completely different strategy with avoiding relegation to National league as my main goal..

    But somewhere along the way a small window opened and I decided to jump through and go for Bundesliga...A little more expensive but I guess it's worth it in the long run...But with so many mistakes on my end, some unlucky losses and draws made me really nervous these last few days because what appeared to be an easy task became a tough one, with Clemz0r in the driving seat really..

    Not sure if I should thank HerrWitler or Clemz0r for the draw but it was really lucky for me considering the fact that Wedemark bought 2 really strong players who could make the last game really difficult with a possible 5-5 result...

    Anyway, didn't have too much luck earlier but the goddess of fortune struck at the right time...Hope I won't screw this one up :D

    Wie kann es eigentlich sein das die beiden Hias und Gherado Westphal mit der Erfahrung nur so wenig Skills haben?

    Sind die dann vom Schwarzmarkt gekauft oder übersehe ich etwas

    du hast etwas übersehen

    Ich suche beim Stolnopenisaci (zweite Liga) für die nächste Saison 1 jugendliche spieler. Biete 40-45 FS im hinteren Paarkreuz und Meisterschaftsdoppel.

    stärker ist besser, Kondition > 50

    +1 Jugend Herausforderung, diese Saison zu tauschen

    Young and solid stamina trainer at the auction - think long term and buy, solve your problems ;)

    Utto Burkett

    19 Years
    Stamina trainer11811.800€118€
    23 Hrs, 58 Mins, 57 SecsStart price (Bids: 0):13.250 €

    Deletion confirmation!

    Your data and team will be permanently deleted in 2 days. During this

    time, you can still undo the deletion by simply logging in. Once you have

    logged in, the account deletion is automatically cancelled.

    I wish there were more managers and teams on server 2...I don't find it worth to buy a premium, and it's harder to be non-premium on a low team server because there are less player/staff sales through the auctions and it just makes everything too limited unfortunately..

    I'll probably play on autopilot for a couple of days before I make the decision...I thought maybe someone would like to play so it would be better to keep one account more on the server, especially because it's a decent one but I'll respect Wulfman's wishes in case the final decision is to stop playing server 2.

    I haven't seen this question anywhere so I'd like to ask is it against the rules to give an account away to someone?

    I'm asking because I want to quit server 2 but would rather leave the account to someone who wants to play than delete it.

    I'm not sure if you're joking or what...30 experience in 2 years?

    Average experience growth per season is about +-15, considering there is a 2 year difference, they are almost the same..Ability wise Cesar would be worse but I personally favour a different ability distribution so I don't think having 5 ability more is necessarily a better thing..

    I don't want to continue the discussion any further because I don't want to reveal too much information..Managers with strong analitical skills figure those things out themselves over time and I'm sorry for those who don't..

    Edit: just to point out - all coments above and on the deutsch topic are my opinion, not the ultimate truth and I might be wrong.

    I'd like to put everything to rest because there is no need to make a big thing out of it.


    In my opinion, still a better prospect than Baumer, if all the right moves are made...But doesn't matter, I have no problem with that sale...

    I decided to completely change the strategy of my second team so Cesar is not that needed anymore. Even though I won't reduce the price because I don't need to sell him at any cost.

    Maybe he doesn't look as attractive, but he wasn't raised improperly to look better than he is..I've had players worse than Cesar that became pretty good 2nd league players...So I agree, the price not high enough and I'm not making any profit on him...

    I'll open the thread for Bundesliga/Premier league managers in case more international players break in..

    About my own experience - this is my 2nd visit but I guess the same as the 1st one, I'm not ready to really compete so I have to try some things out...

    But I'm more motivated than ever to reach the necessary level and compete with the legends of the game...beware:evil:

    It's definitely easier for me to write and make a point in english. I hope even German managers visit these threads, like I visit the deutsch section...

    But it wasn't that fun because I was the only one...I'll try from now on and maybe more managers will come...

    on topic - congrats to Sebert once again, good job. :thumbup:

    If you want, we can revisit this topic in 4-8 seasons ;)

    Not a bad player, just don't believe he's worth it...If some things were a little different then definitely...Like you said, times have changed a little, the competition is deeper..

    I guess I disagree with both of you, based on my own experience with such players...Doesn't matter anyway, Habula's problem now :D

    On the other hand, with such strategy I doubt he'll ever stay in 2nd League for 2-3 seasons in a row...